• A college is accredited when it has been investigated and meets criteria by an accrediting agency. Some accrediting agencies are recognized but others are not. Since not all accreditation is equal, accreditation alone does not determine whether or not a school is legitimate or credible.
  • Home Church Bible College is not currently seeking accreditation for two main reasons. First, it is our desire to have our local church pastors and leaders teaching our courses. While these pastors and leaders are gifted and offer a rich background of leadership experience, they do not have Master’s Degrees (as required by accrediting agencies). Second, we desire to keep our tuition costs affordable, allowing more students to access our program and helping our students eliminate school debt. Accreditation by a recognized agency would make it difficult for us to meet these goals. We have chosen to remain unaccredited.
  • We are recognized and have a Post-Secondary Institution code in the province of Alberta. The Rutherford Scholarship and other scholarships are available to be used with our Bible College.  Home Church Bible College code number is 5183.  We also provide a T2202A tax receipt for tuition paid.
  • Although we are not accredited by a government-recognized accrediting agency, many accredited colleges have accepted some of our courses in transfer. Typically, each institution will determine what transfer credits they will accept, regardless of accreditation status.