Live Online Spring Semester Courses (9 hours of class per course)

The Pentateuch. The first five books of the Bible. It is hard to know where you are going when you don’t know where you have come from. Understanding the beginning of the Bible, the history, the fathers of the faith; Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the hall of faith leaders; Moses, Noah, Joshua will give you a foundation that you can stand on and a wisdom you can apply to your life today. And there isn’t anyone better to teach on this topic than our very own energetic and insightful Pastor Barb Carritt. Classes will be May 20, 21 and 22. 9am-12pm
Romans. In the sports world, mastering the fundamentals, footwork, technique, and correct form are the foundation for mastering the sport. The books of Romans is the apostle Paul’s most theological and influential letter where he clearly sets out the foundation for the Christian faith. Whether you are beginning your walk as a Christian or a seasoned believer, there is always room to grow and improve on the fundamentals. We are so honored to have Pastor Bryce Birmingham teach through each chapter of Romans and help you establish a firm foundation. Classes will be Wednesdays May 27, June 3, 10. 9am-12pm
Galatians. With everything happening in our world right now, it is hard to not feel that we have lost some of the freedoms in our lives. What is even more challenging, is when we don’t feel freedom inside of us when negative mindsets, wrong beliefs or addictions hold us down. The book of Galatians is groundbreaking New Testament theology where we find freedom in the unshakable Gospel. Pastors Ed and Melissa Furst are so excited to have you join in on this course to help you grow in the freedom you have in Christ as we study the book of Galatians together. You don’t want to miss this opportunity! Classes are on Thursdays May 28, June 4, 11. 1pm-3pm
Leaders are not born they are developed. Great leaders often face great adversity. This class taught by Pastor Erin will look at great leaders in the Bible and learn from their successes, failures and perseverance. Classes will be Thursdays May 28, June 4, 11. 9am-12pm.

Tuition Costs:

  • $120 for 1 course
  • $200 for 2 courses ($100/course)
  • $255 for 3 courses ($85/course)
  • $300 for 4 courses ($75/course)

How to sign up:

  1. Application form. Click here to fill out application form.
  2. Payment. Make payment via etransfer to
  3. Google Classroom setup. Once you have applied and paid, you will be sent information to set you up on Google Classroom. There you will access all materials for the live online class.