Online classes offer you the convenience of taking classes amid your busy life. You are able to  balance school, work, family, and church responsibilities while studying the bible online. If you have any questions please contact us.

  • Ephesians (4 credits) taught by Bryce Birmingham.  Study of the book of Ephesians, the author, and topics discussed in the book.
  • Basic Doctrine (8 credits) taught by Steven Schwartz.  Systematic study of some of the essential elements of Biblical doctrine including the doctrines of God, Holy Spirit, Angels and Demons, Man and Sin
  • How to Study the Bible/Abraham (8 credits) taught by Brian Thomson. A study of the life of Abraham and the application of lessons learned to everyday life.  Also includes how to study the Bible using various Bible study tools.
  • Experiencing Bible Truths (8 credits) taught by Brian Thomson.  A study of various basic doctrines and how they relate to our everyday life.
  • Covenant Theology (8 credits) taught by Brayden Thomson.  An advanced study of the covenants made between God and man throughout the Bible.
  • I Don’t Think So (4 credits) taught by Melanie Mitchell-Epp.  A very practical study on how we think and how to overcome wrong thinking.


Fees and Tuition costs:

  • $50 Application fee (one time fee)
  • $40 per Credit (4 Credit class = $160, 8 Cred $320)



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