A week consists of 3 full days (Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday) of teaching from 8:30am until noon, and afternoons of practical application from 1:00pm until 4:30pm.

Once a week, students attend a Bible College small group where they will lean on each other for prayer and accountability and discuss what God is speaking to them personally.

If a student is involved with youth or young adult ministries, they will attend and be involved with youth or young adult services.

All students are involved with service teams at all our Sunday services whether it is at the Red Deer campus or their home campus.

Practical Ministry

Practical ministry is one of the unique things about Home Church Bible College. We are a local church College. We are involved with our local church so we can learn to serve, grow and love what Jesus loves.

Students are required to participate on Sunday service teams, a practical way to live what you learn in the College! Students from out of town will be involved with our Red Deer Campus. Students who are from nearby, and are joining us for College from another church or campus, are encouraged to serve, build and grow their local church on weekends.

There will be occasional times throughout the year, however, that all students will be expected to serve at Home Church in Red Deer for conferences and other special events.